Dealer Programs

Choose from one of three great options to give your customers access to the best rug pads on the market!

Stocking Roll Program

Stocking Progam

Order rolls on our Now Commerce website.

If you order online, you will automatically receive SDA, the "Same-Day Ship" program, if you order before noon Eastern Standard Time. A few carriers come in early, so let us know what you need, and we will try to make it happen. Get them in early, and they will ship.

You can load the Now Commerce website on your desktop or phone. We can show you how. On this Website, you can check your order history and invoices. You can track your shipments by getting all your shipping BOLs and PRO numbers.

Calling and getting to know your local delivery carrier will give you a relationship that will make your delivery that much easier. I would call them on every shipment at the local terminal to catch any possible problems. We track and watch all the shipments, though we cannot see a lot fall through the cracks. If you develop a personal relationship with the local manager, your delivery life will get a lot better. One of our carriers even shows you where the truck is on the map. The order shipping notice we sent you after the order was placed includes the phone numbers and websites to look up and track your order.


Wholesale Program

Single pre-cut sizes are paid for by you and sent to you or your customer.

Our Wholesale website,, can take your cut-size order and ship it to you or dropship it to your customer anywhere in 24 hours. When you set up as a customer, we can give you a discount code off the pricing on the site. Once you set up a customer file on the site, contact us for the discount code. The pricing on the Website does not include the shipping.

Online sales
Online Sales

Online Sales Program

Online Sales Program. 70% of all rug pads are sold online. We can get you in that business.

Have your customer order online from a link on your home page. We handle everything; you get the check and the new customer list.

Join One of Our Dealer Programs Now

If you are not selling Rug Pad online, you are missing out on the most significant customer-gathering marketing plan existing. You don't have to have a college degree to know that if you sell a new customer rug pad, they could also become a rug cleaning customer. You just need to reach 70% of the market, 1 billion in online sales. We have created a way to get started. You win even if you only pick up a few monthly sales because you get a new rug-cleaning customer. You might even pick up a few of your existing customers buying online and send the pads to you to install when you clean their rugs. I see a lot of customers with pads in their shops sent in by their customers.

Contact us if you are interested in taking on a new market that you are not in selling a product you have. All you need to do is get in the game.

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